Living In Faith September 10, 2014

“We learn that a simple, loving hug can make all the difference in the world….. NA Basic Text p91

“Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart and a humble mind.”

1 Peter 3:8


hugSometimes I wonder how many patriarchs of the Bible were alcoholics and drug abusers. We know that Noah was a drunk, but what about the others? Sorry, slight digression there.

How often does an argument get diffused or an unfortunate incident made better with a simple hug? Even when you feel utterly alone in this world, and many of us do especially when we were using, the most comforting feeling was a hug from a friend.

Our 12 Steps show us that no other individual can help us stay in recovery than another recovering addict. We have walked in each others shoes. We have had similar experiences as brothers and sisters in recovery. There is nobody that can help us stay in recovery other than ourselves, our Higher Power and another recovering addict.

The road of recovery is never-ending. It is a whole new life. When a baby comes into the world, it is in a whole new life outside the womb. What does a baby need to be comforted? A hug by its’ parents. What do we need at times during our recovery? A hug from someone who has firsthand knowledge of our path.

This is not a new discovery, but really it is a basis of living life.  Paul was speaking to all people when he said to have unity of mind and brotherly love. Recovering addicts, like myself, need this type of unity. We are a family. We are a close family. We share the same addictive behavior, the same fears and the same path. We need to know that we are not alone. Especially newcomers.

My first meeting I was scared and really didn’t feel like I fit in. These folks were hardcore users while I was simply drinking a lot and taking pain pills. After the meeting a gentleman took me aside, gave me a hug and welcomed me to the “family.” He recited one of the steps that mentions “we don’t care how much or how little you used”, and for the first time in a long time I felt I really belonged. I was home.

Make someone you meet at a meeting feel at home. You’ll both benefit from this simple hug.


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