About Ken

Hello, my name is Ken and this page will chronicle my daily life. So what is Live In Faith and why should you be interested? Good questions. Live In Faith is what I have adopted as my personal 12-Step program. I figure if addicts and alcoholics can get their life straight using 12 steps, so can I. My life currently is one hell of a mess. I am a recovering addict, but I also have another issue. I’ve been married three times. Once I felt “not needed” anymore I left those marriages. I didn’t just leave though, I made sure I wasn’t alone. Since I was 18, I have always been with somebody. Once my first wife left, I had second wife moved in within 12 hours. Once that marriage failed, I was living with another woman within 24 hours. I then met my third wife. She is the one woman I have ever been in love with up to this point. I could never imagine living life without her. However, about two years ago I went from making good money to making zero. I attempted suicide, which obviously was unsuccessful, and have been in a moderate tail-spin ever since. Feeling that my wife is back on her feet, and going back to school, I wasn’t needed anymore and would probably be thrown aside shortly. So what did I do? My same pattern of running and ending up setting up a new life with yet another woman.

So here I am, basically starting over again at the age of 49. There is a difference though. My ex-wife and I are talking which is great. I have an understanding of the “wake of Ken” I’ve left behind. The person I am with now has three children and she too is a recovering addict. Only time will tell what happens from here, especially as a leave it all to Gods will and not my own.

I currently have no job, because of extremely high anxiety and a heart condition. In the past, I have written web content for website owners. Now I am working on a book. Starting this blog though, may help someone else in the future. Living In Faith – 12 Steps At a Time is a mix of inspirational readings along with how I’ve dealt with daily life through those readings. Even if this only helps ONE person, then it is worth the time and effort to write out my life story. Hopefully these stories will make you smile, laugh, cry or even think. Life itself was never meant to be difficult. But it is possible to face life on life’s terms everyday one step at a time.

Oh, and yes there is a Paypal donation button. Please feel free to send me a couple bucks for coffee and toilet paper every once in a while. Yea, I will sing praises to you on the blog, but again I am a starving writer just trying to get life back on track. Also, don’t forget to leave comments or suggestions along the way.

Happy Reading


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